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Little Treasure by MaskedDragonLin Little Treasure :iconmaskeddragonlin:MaskedDragonLin 45 12
Top priority as of the moment is owed art~


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, I'm an artist who loves fantasy, especially dragons. I'm fine being called Masked or Lin, whichever takes your fancy. IRL I do have a gender of preference, but online I don't care what people think- if it's respectful and I can recognize it as a pronoun, I'm fine with it!

I usually post something new every 5 or 6 days, though my work and school schedule can cause delays in that schedule. I like to dabble into a lot of different kinds of art when I have the resources and utilities to, though most of my deviations here will involve either projects from my college classes or characters/places/ect. from my comic, Nest of Hearts, which is still in the world-building stages, so there won't be pages of it up for a while. Later on, I'll also post art from other stories that I'm working on, though NoH is my main focus.

I often take sculpture classes in the spring, so a lot of 3D art can pop up around that time, though currently I won't be posting much besides 2D art.
**Will yak your ear off about ceramics and stoneware clay if you let me.

A thing I want to say- DON"T give me Core membership. I actively do not want it! If I did, I would open commissions exactly for that. If someone does give it to me, I will attempt to cancel it as soon as I can, regardless of who gives it to me. It won't be personal! I just won't support Core, so be warned.

For anyone interested, I'm closed for trades, since I have a lot of owed art on hold to work on, which is what I'm focusing on for the time being. I have a few request slots open at the moment, but they're only for watchers, and those who are interested will have to search through my journals for them (hint, not all of my journals are featured). Otherwise, requests are for friends only. For more about my art status, look here, I keep it relatively up to date maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar…

Feel free to message me, I may not get back to you immediately, but I strive to reply to all notes and comments. I'm friendly and like to meet people - however please don't if all you want is free art, as I said, I'm not open for requests from just anyone.
   I wanted to post a journal so that the closed asks post won't be lingering around on my profile, so I figured it would be nice to talk about some of what I'm doing here. Due to Valentine's, work's picked up in hours, so my art is slowing some, so there may be delays in that front- hopefully things go back to normal afterwards, I like having more free time. After I finish the Hit and Miss mini series, which will have a total of four parts, I'll focus on owed art, including trades, requests, and that raffle (no I have not forgotten, I just procrastinate super bad TT-TT).

   In a more exciting bit of news, I'm redesigning a few of my characters! I counted it out and of my 16 main ocs, there were 4 drakes, 1 wyvern, 1 lung (sorta three but really 1), 2 misc builds, ...and 8 drekis. Drekis are what I call "western" dragons (since many other dragons also originate from Europe), and in my headworld, drekis mostly originate from a volcanic area and possess fire/magma abilities. Several of my drekis have this ethnical origin, and a few others have it because of convergent evolution (such as with Fate), but 8 is too much- I'm pretty sure it happened because of a combination of laziness while designing them and a lack of development in world building- so expect to see some changes! My main focus will be on Gimrur, Zruimec, and Kihai, but I very well might do some touch ups on my other kids! If you have thoughts or questions on this, I'd be ecstatic to hear them, so feel welcomed to comment ;) (Wink) 

Old designs (prepare for olllld art lol)
In the Recesses of the Earth by MaskedDragonLin  Powers of Observation by MaskedDragonLin  Giving Gifts by MaskedDragonLin


Pruning (AT)
    My half of a trade with TheLeatherDragonI of her character Percival~ I was planning on drawing one of the dragon characters, but something about his design is so nice, I had to draw him. I didn't want to do a complicated background, so I had him picking some fruit off a big leafy plant, since he likes horticulture. I took advantage of the opportunity to work on how I do fur, and I think it turned out well.
    Sorry it took me so long to get to your half, I hope you enjoy it! Percival was a lot of fun to work with, it makes me want to draw some of my non-dragon peoples.

Art belongs to me, character belongs to TheLeatherDragonI 
Don't repost, trace, copy, alter, or otherwise reuse without permission, thanks!
Udon Dragon (Prize)
    And the raffle is decided! Via google number generator, the lucky number is 2, meaning the winner is Driaz1122 ! You gave me several good questions (and more than any other person had) that I had a lot of fun answering during the asks, and it looks like that gave you the edge you needed to win the favor of the RNGods, congrats!… <- Link to screencap of raffle number~

    This is a character of his that we've talked about a good bit, and in the process of the conversation he became this and he's perfect, I love him so much. I haven't made much pictures of actual cooked food before this point (at least that I have posted on here. I dunno, it makes me hungry and isn't a subject that artistically attracted my attention before), and as such I was surprised by how it came out. Maybe I'll show my characters exploring the culturally diverse culinary realm of their world, if you all are interested Shrug Anyways, I got a bit carried away with this and instead of a detailed-lit bust it became more of a detailed-lit half-body, heh!

    With this out of the way, requests and trades will be priority, so that'll be in the works :)

Udon dragon belongs to Driaz1122 
Art belongs to me.
Don't repost, trace, copy, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!
Raffle winner
Driaz1122 won the raffle, his questions and number were posted on this journal, which was where the asks were originally posted~
Not Much (Art Input)
It was moved to a new journal because it was being overlooked where it was.
Also posted this in my scraps so it wouldn't take up space in my, since I like having ample space in there.
Congrats Driaz! You're piece is done and will be up shortly after this is posted~
Hit and Miss 4
    This took waaaay longer to make than it should have, I hit a rough patch with art, work gave me a lot of hours around valentines, and then there were things that kept slipping by while working on this that I'd have to go back and do. I'm very happy to finally be done with it to say the least! Regardless, I'm still pleased with how it came out. In this, I focused on the surface of water from above, since I'm content with how my underwater settings look for the moment, and I like this the way it turned out here. I'll do more submerged scenes in the future obviously, but I not for a while. Also worked more on my forest foliage, since that is a constant journey.
    I know a few of you will be distinctly happy to see this, a lot of you guys are fond of Fate, and its been a while since I've put up a painterly piece of her! This shows the slight size difference between her and Hyūra- the drake is a slight bit older than the sea dreki, about half a harsni or so (dragons don't go by years, they use time units of harsni, which are not the same length). Fate here is a bit scruntched whereas Hyūra is not- exuberant people tend to make the shy ones nervous after all~
    Anyways, it seems that this mini series concludes with Hyūra having missed a fish several times, and instead of rinse and repeat, she went to someone of greater experience to hit them up for some advice :) Though Fate doesn't seem to positive she can help out either, heh. Elusive fish lives to swim another day it seems! Hopefully this miniseries was enjoyed, it was great practice.


Art and characters belong to me.
Don't repost, trace, copy, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!
Do Not Disturb
    So I was feeling bad that I hadn't submitted anything in a week and still was not close to finishing a full piece, so I made this up real quick. I don't really stress over my submission rate, though I am my happiest when I'm productive, so during long spans of nothing my mood takes a nose dive, so this was mostly to stave that off. I had a mini-art block part way through the last part of Hit and Miss, but I'm through that now and hopefully will finish it soon!
    Anyways, I got the idea for this while walking. I saw a trash tote, the kind you take out for the garbage truck, but it was maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the size of a normal one, which was super funny to me, and I thought about who would be the oldest of my kids that could fit in it, and this thought hit me :)

    This is my ball of savagery whom I have not drawn nearly enough of, Bēah! (The arm belongs to Lorraise) Had the green gal not slapped that lid close soon enough, an arm full of wyvern teeth would not be an surprising thing to get. Bēah, like Lorrai, changes scale hue, but unlike the former, only along the grey value scale and across all of her body. She gets darker in states of lower emotional energy and lighter in higher ones- not to be mistaken with happy vs upset moods. She's a ton of fun to draw, since I get a chance to include more spunk and aggression in pieces where she's involved.

Art and character belong to me.
Do not repost, trace, copy, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!


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Quimlin Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  New Deviant
Hey! I just want to stop by and say hello! Also, I remember our conversation when I first joined DA like 2 months ago (wow, it seems so long ago) and after effortly practicing, I finally managed to make my first artwork that actually came straight from my head and turned out decent! What do you think? It definitely doesn't compare to your talent, but I think it's okay.

MaskedDragonLin Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
How nice of you, thanks! Time does that, its funny and shocking at the same time, heh. I'm flattered that you'd want my opinion on your piece, I'll give it a good look and make sure to leave a comment with what I think!
RiverQuartz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Student General Artist
you get a big boop

MaskedDragonLin Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Bop! :icondragonhiplz:
hypebender Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
no problem, I really do love dragons and snakes, they like my go-to creatures for creating great stories, or ideas. I hope to commission you one day :D
MaskedDragonLin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Same! Whenever I doodle it ends up being being a dragon usually, I wish I was fast enough to make all my good doodles full pieces. I'll keep that in mind, I'm flattered! I currently am having issues with my paypal, but once I fix that I'll finalize my terms of service and open them :)
paytonsnewheart Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
MaskedDragonLin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, I try to always badge people back :)
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No problem, llamas are fun :)
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